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Help defend the character of our neighborhood, preserve wildlife, and protect our property values!

Update 9/01/2015:

The Board of Selectman decided not to allow an amendment to Indianhead/Churchill's amplified music permit. There will be no Karaoke on Friday or Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and amplified music is only allowed between 6-8pm on Saturday.

We will have another opportunity to discuss this issue with the Board of Selectman in the spring, when Churchill applies to renew Indianhead's amplified music permit.

Update 8/30/2015:

Indianhead Realty applied for an amendment to the campground's permit for amplified music for the weekend of Labor Day, 2015. This is a request for a one-time change to their allowed hours of amplified music. The request was to allow two days, Friday 9/4 and Saturday 9/5, during the hours of 6-8pm and 7-10pm respectively.

Update 8/30/2015:

New Subdivision Plans & Civil Case Against Plymouth by Churchill

Indianhead Realty, Inc./Richard Churchill Has submitted a new, alternate plan for the subdivision of parcel 061-000-006A-001 into 4 lots. See the preliminary plans submitted to the town of Plymouth.

In addition, following the Town of Plymouth ZBA 2014 decision against their earlier plan for campground expansion + sand & gravel excavation, Indianhead Realty, Inc./Richard Churchill has filed two (2) civil cases in the Massachusetts Land Court, requesting an overturn of the ZBA decision, and another challenge as a procedural measure to their case.

Good News! Plymouth is proposing changes to bylaws to more tightly control the extraction of sand and gravel in residential zones. Unfortunately, proposed changes are in a redesign phase, and Indianhead Realty is likely to be exempt due to preliminary and pre-existing applications.

Update 8/6/2014:

The Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously
5-0 against
the Indianhead Realty/ Churchill petition

We did it!
YOU did it!

Thank you for your signatures, your letters, your public comments, communicating with friends and neighbors, and your perseverance!

Indianhead Realty, Inc./Richard Churchill, President has submitted an application to; surface mine up to 499,053 cubic yards of sand and gravel, build a 60’ x 80’ maintenance facility, build a 16’ x 32’ equipment shed in order to create recreational fields and a mountain bike area at the Indianhead Resort. We need your help to stop this project!

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Indianhead Realty and Churchill Engineering, Inc. is seeking a special permit, Case NO. 3734, to:

  • It could take as many as 40 trips a day by 10-wheel trucks- for 4 continuous years to remove 499, 053 cubic feet of sand and gravel from the land!
  • There will be an increase in noise from rock crushing, excavation and machinery.
  • Airborne particles & runoff from erosion could harm wildlife in the Ellisville Marsh.
  • Your property value could decrease!
  • Approval of this application could also create the opportunity for additional surface mining in the neighborhood.

You can take action NOW by:

  • writing a letter to the Zoning Board of Appeals!(click HERE for a sample letter)

  • sharing this web site with friends and neighbors!

  • following the latest developments by signing up for the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board’s meeting agendas and minutes! (click HERE for a link to sign up)


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The destructive impact to the environment and the character of our quiet neighborhood will be immense. Please sign the petition and send a strong message to the Zoning Board of Appeals that this project does not belong in our community!


Please Click HERE to Sign the Petition!

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