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[January 1, 2014]

Peter Connors, Chairman
Zoning Board of Appeals
Town of Plymouth
11 Lincoln Street
Plymouth, MA 02360

RE: Zoning Board of Appeals Case NO. 3734, Indianhead Realty, Inc.

Dear Mr. Connors:

I am writing to you today to express my concern about the Zoning Board of Appeals application, Case NO. 3734, which if approved, would allow a Special Permit for Indianhead Reality Inc. to remove sand and gravel, build a 60’ x 80’ maintenance facility, create two athletic fields and a mountain bike area in a Rural Residential Zone. I urge the Zoning Board to vote against this petition.

Approval of this application will cause detrimental effects to the character of our community. Removal of up to 499,053 cubic yards of sand and gravel from the land will create noise pollution, increase traffic to an already congested area of town (Cedarville), lower property values, and has the potential to cause harm to the wildlife in neighboring Ellisville Harbor. Further, Richard Churchill has estimated that this project will take four years to complete, essentially turning our neighborhood into a dusty, noisy construction site for the next four years.

It is my understanding that the applicant operates Churchill Engineering, a company that promotes specialization in excavation contacting, and sand, gravel & loam among other things. Richard Churchill’s motives for campground expansion are questionable, as it appears that he may be exploiting our Rural Residential neighborhood for private industry.

Indianhead Resort states on their company web site that they “require guests to respect nature, property, and one another” and that “the campground preserves peace and quiet.” Excavation of 499,053 cubic yards of sand and gravel is neither respectful to nature, property or one another, and it certainly does not preserve peace and quiet.

Indianhead Resort is correct in stating that this is a place where “resting and relaxing in and among the quiet sounds of nature, has been preserved.” Many of the residents of our community have chosen to live here for this very reason, and I humbly request that the Zoning Board of Appeals support the preservation of our neighborhood by voting no, against Case NO. 3734.


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